Pediatric Dental Services in Chembur

   Preventive Dentistry

Anticipatory Guidance

Counselling related to common dental health related questions, e.g. teething, diet for proper growth of jaws, prevention of dental decay, etc.

Topical fluoride application

Topical application of fluoride helps in strengthening teeth, and thus helps in prevention of dental decay.

Pit and fissure sealant

This procedure helps to seal the grooves in young permanent molars, thus prevents food lodgement in those deep grooves, eventually preventing decay.

Infant oral health care

Dental decay is a preventable disease. Proper care taken from birth will ensure that your child grows up without any dental problems. Infant oral health care relates to counselling regarding the measures to be taken from birth towards prevention of dental decay.

Interceptive Dentistry

Early age orthodontics

Early detection and correction of problems related to the growth and development of upper and lower jaws and their effects on the teeth.

Sports dentistry

Appliances to be worn to prevent trauma to the teeth and adjacent regions during participation in any sport activities.

Corrective Dentistry


It includes cleaning of the dental decay and restoring it with a suitable biocompatible material

Management of dental Emergencies

Emergencies such as severe dental pain, swelling, etc. are addressed at the earliest

Management of early loss of teeth

Loss of a milk tooth causes loss of space for the underlying permanent tooth. It is of utmost importance to maintain the space with necessary appliances for proper eruption of permanent tooth.

Management of Nursing Bottle Decay/ Early Childhood Caries

Nursing bottle decay involves dental decay in multiple teeth at an early age. This is addressed with full mouth rehabilitation with the necessary treatment for all the individual teeth.

Management of traumatic dental injuries

Trauma is a part of dental emergencies, which involves partial or complete loss of tooth, fracture of roots of teeth, fracture of the bone, etc. Immediate treatment is a must during such conditions

Root canal treatment

Root canal treatment followed by fixing a crown is a very common dental procedure, in which the dead nerve of the tooth is removed, cleaned and filled with a biocompatible material. Then the tooth is restored with a crown to increase its strength.

Minor oral surgical procedures

Surgical procedures such as removal of teeth, release of tongue tie, etc. are common procedures performed.

Orthodontic corrections

Problems related to insufficient space for the eruption of permanent teeth are resolved with orthodontic treatment

Management of oral habits

Oral habits such as finger sucking, mouth breathing, grinding of teeth, etc. cause disproportionate growth of jaws and interferes in proper alignment of teeth. Early detection and intervention is needed for children having these oral habits.

Speciatlity Services

Management of children with special health care needs

Children with special health care needs require special care during management of dental problems.

Treatment in assistance with ‘the Laughing Gas’

Use of Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas) to calm your child by reducing his/her anxiety. This ensures smooth and comfortable dental procedures.

Treatment under General Anesthesia

Sometimes it is difficult for children to cope up with the entire treatment. Hence treating them under general anesthesia will ensure complete dental care without any discomfort to them.

Orofacial Myotherapy

Sometimes it is difficult for children to cope up with the entire treatment. Hence treating them under general anesthesia will ensure complete dental care without any discomfort to them.

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